1. Director Nancy MeyersIris wrote that her top ladies Amanda and Amanda were with Kate Winslet Cameron DiazAlways keep this in your mind 

The renowned screenwriter told ComingSoon.Net, “You know, I believe a screenwriter will lie to you if he or she said that ‘I don’t think about anyone when I am writing’.” “I cannot imagine it. You know that somebody must say it and perform it. Imagine yourself in the role.

2. Casting Winslet as the lead was a simple decision. Meyers stated to ComingSoon.Net, “If you write about a 30-year-old lady in England, you naturally think of Kate Winslet. She is just one of many great actresses.”

3. Winslet is the inspiration behind Iris. TitanicThe star believed she was being fired. 

Winslet told About.com that she had never performed a romantic comedy, or anything that was labelled that way before. You know, I was excited about doing something different and also nervous. That worry that I can be funny. This is a horrible thing to worry about. Jude [Law]Before we began shooting, I used to talk a lot on the phone with my husband. “Oh my goodness, they’re going fire us!” They are going to remake. They won’t laugh. “You know what? I’m very nervous about it all.”