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Hailey Bieber stated in her skincare review that if Hailey doesn’t look like a “glazed Donut”, then it’s not right. We were shocked. 

We like to look like we have a glowing face, so we add a lightening oil to our skin, particularly in the winter months. Although moisturizers, toners, and serums are all important for skin health, face oils have been deemed the most essential part of any skincare regimen. Face oils are underrated for their ability to do so much in so little time. 

These oils can not only help keep your skin hydrated and plump but also address other issues like uneven texture and hyperpigmentation. When we started incorporating face oils such as the Ordinary’s Rose Hip Oil into our routine a few years ago, we almost instantly saw our skin change for the better. 

We believe that face oils can be used regardless of season, even though everyone has different skin. We’ve compiled a list of the top face oils that we love and have tried, so that you can too reach glazed-donut status before your head hits your pillow.