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We are screaming, not screaming! Season 11 of HBO’s Curb Your EnthusiasmIt is finally here. 

You can watch the first episode in its entirety, or you can just watch it. Larry David Fashion, or celebrating with your Leon, it’s a great day! Curb Your Enthusiasmfan. We can expect lots of laughter as Larry navigates LA traffic, Susie runs for mayor, and other cringeworthy situations that only the SeinfeldThe creator can navigate. 

CelebHomes’s was on the red carpet for Season 11’s premiere. Victor CruzLarry David was not forthcoming with details about the new season. However, I tried to get Larry David to share the news but was met by a response that was one would expect from an award-winning comedian.

Larry stated that Larry was sorry that he could not share much information. “I think it is quite funny, however. That’s all I can offer. Why would you want to know what will happen? Wouldn’t it be more fun to be surprised? I would be shocked if you told me the outcome to the Super Bowl.