Many homeowners aspire to create a stylish, contemporary abode. And, by making a few well-placed changes here and there, you can make any home appear more elegant and desirable, whilst significantly increasing its curb appeal to boot!

Are you looking for inspiration on how to give your property the style makeover it deserves? We’ve curated a list of 10 of our favorite homestyle upgrades. Each of these projects can bring you one step closer to your dream home. Ready to get started? Then, let’s begin …

Change up the Color Schemes

Nothing makes a home appear dated and unfashionable quite like a drab color scheme. If your current decor is killing the vibe, it’s time for a change. If a contemporary look is what you’re aiming for, you should consider a lighter color scheme. Warmer tones such as Sunny Yellow, Lavender, and Light Terracotta may fit the bill here – or, perhaps a cooler shade of pale blue or grey. 

Replace Your Windows

On a related note, tired, worn windows can similarly detract from your home’s visual appeal. Dated and damaged windows can also reduce the amount of sunlight getting into the property and contribute to heat loss, which can lead to higher energy bills.

Replacing your windows with a stylish set of new windows from a trusted local window company can help you make full use of the available sunlight, whilst enjoying a host of energy-saving benefits too. Modern windows are available in a variety of smart configurations such as reversible, tilt-and-turn, and flush fit. You can also choose from a wide selection of designs and frame styles with options to complement every home. 

Get Smart with a Smart TV!

Modern smart TVs provide instant access to a slew of entertaining channels, featuring music, drama, comedy, movies, and much more besides – without the need to connect an aerial or pay a subscription. And, the range-topping smart TVs offer even more clever features such as web browsing and gaming. 

Of course, smart TVs have two more selling points that have made them must-haves among aspirational homeowners – their pin-sharp picture and rich, clear, immersive sound. Try out a smart TV at your nearest electronics store and you’ll discover exactly why they’re at the very cutting-edge of home entertainment! 

Add a Touch of Sophistication with a Custom Bookcase

If you’re a voracious reader, a stylish custom bookcase could be the centerpiece of your home while providing neat storage for all your precious tomes. Again, if you’re looking for a modern look, stick with a lighter wood. Alternatively, you may wish to commission a traditional hardwood or oak bookcase. Add a beautiful fireplace and the scene is set to get lost in your favorite books!

Modernize Your Bathroom

You don’t necessarily have to go all out and install a completely new bathroom suite – modernizing your bathroom is all about removing any relics. ‘Time capsule’ pieces such as Fuschia carpeting and avocado basins should be removed. Little touches such as replacing your taps and cabinet doors can also go a long way in refreshing your bathroom space. 

For a truly modern bathroom space, you can also kit out the room with the latest tech. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite music and podcast whilst having a soak in the bath or shower.

‘Smart scales’ allow you to track your weight and BMI over time and can even be paired with your Fitbit app. With the latest fitness tech on your side, achieving a new personal best has never been simpler – or more fun!

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to refreshing your kitchen cabinets, you have two options: the first is to treat them to a new coat of paint. Providing their overall condition isn’t too bad, this should give them a new lease of life. 

Bear in mind that wood-stained kitchen cabinets are still in vogue and when it comes to colors, cooler tones such as gray, white, or blue look great in most kitchens.

If your units are badly worn or damaged, you may consider ripping them out completely and starting afresh.

Create a Recreation Room

Who needs the pub? If you have a spare room or a loft space, this can be repurposed into your very own recreation room. Consider adding a pool table, home bar, or cinema to create a space where you, your family, and friends can enjoy many happy hours. Custom touches such as vintage band or movie posters and a brick wall finish can complete your stylish entertaining space. 

Add an Al-fresco Dining Area and Be the Host with the Most 

A nicely appointed patio or decking area can add rafts of charm and character to just about any garden space. Next, invest in a good quality barbecue and a table and chair set (picnic benches are optional) and you’re all set to embrace al-fresco cooking and dining.

Add a wood-fired pizza oven if you want to take your outdoor dining experience to the next level. A good patio heater will allow you to enjoy your patio throughout the colder winter months. 

Use a Little Mirror Magic to Make Your Abode Look More Spacious

A few cleverly-placed mirrors can increase the natural light getting into your home, whilst also creating the illusion of more space. When it comes to design, you may opt for an antique, freestanding, sunburst, square or teardrop style mirror. Think about which style would best complement the look of your home. Place a couple of mirrors near your window so that you can admire scenic views indoors!

Consider Making Your Home ‘Open Plan’

Too many walls can make your abode appear cramped and stifle natural light. Many older properties comprise more rooms than their modern counterparts, at the expense of space. It’s time to embrace open plan living. 

Changing your home’s layout and removing unnecessary walls can go a long way in making it appear more spacious, modern, and stylish. One word of caution, however – before charging ahead and breaking down any walls, you should first consult with an experienced builder to avoid the disaster of damaging any load-bearing walls. 

Thanks for Reading and Best of Luck with Your Home Makeover

We hope you enjoyed our latest article and now have plenty of inspiration for how to create a more stylish living space. No matter what you decide on, we wish you every success with your home improvement efforts.