Small homes need brave décor ideas to give you the illusion of more space. The clever use of rugs, curtains, shelves, mirrors, and gorgeous color combinations can make your space more inviting and full of character.

Make use of a small rug near the couch

Throwing in a few rugs around a small house can help to brighten it up. Even in the tiniest apartment, a couple of rugs can be used to make a bold statement. Maximize the utilization of your couch area by placing a soft rug as close to your couch as possible. This gives the room a plush feel, and your feet can be indulged with a soft, spa-like feel when you sit on your couch.  Your soft rug can also come in handy to sit on when you gather with your friends. You can also use your soft rug to watch TV allowing the couch to offer you comfortable back support.

Hang baskets for wall storage

Creating storage space in a small home is always a challenge. Most of us would think that using up floor space for storage is the best thing to do it. Wrong! The whole idea is to keep the floor space clutter-free and to go up with storage.

Hanging sturdy baskets against a wall not only adds a decorative feature but also creates ample space for storing things. Look for decorative hooks that are strong so they can carry the weight of your stuff. The baskets allow you to store all the clutter that makes a small room appear even smaller.

Make your walls look truly glamorous with decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors are one of the smartest ways to offer the illusion of space and they make a small room more glamorous. These mirrors can amplify light, expand walls, and disperse the visual clutter, which makes a small room appear even smaller. Use decorative mirrors all over for effect and function, in the bedroom, lounge, and dining area.

Here are some of the cleverest tricks to use mirrors to your advantage:

1.     Place a Oval Wall Mirror behind a piece of furniture

Here you can go bold and buy as prominent an oval wall mirror possible and cover as much of as you can, and push your furniture against it. It will double the light and the illusion of your tiny space. The lighter you keep the colors of the rest of your furnishings, the better the effect will be.

2.     Reflect light sources

By adding a mirror opposite or next to a window you can maximize the natural light of your home by creating another source of light and by bringing the outdoors in. Otherwise, place a mirror behind another light source in your home. That way, the light will be reflected across the whole room.

3.     Incorporate mirrors into all sorts of arrangements

If you have a very busy wallpaper or bold wall color, placing a mirror makes it more visually appealing. Mirrors can also be used to give a shelf a prettier look by breaking up the information the eye takes in, especially if the shelf is densely cluttered with items like books.

4.     Mirrored walls

Mirrored walls are usually best for big spaces, but there are ways to incorporate them into smaller homes. Use multiple arch mirror on a wall for effect by grouping small similar-looking mirrors. Otherwise, use large panels of an antiquated mirror to form a mirrored wall for a creative mirrored effect.

Cabinets close to the ceiling

Wall-mounted cabinets close to the ceiling are one of the best ways to hide your storage space. This is because they are out of the line of vision. The best way to camouflage the cabinets is to make them the same color as your walls.

You can either have the cabinets made by a cabinet maker or buy ready-made kitchen cabinets. Make sure they are well mounted and strong enough to carry the weight of the stuff you plan to store there when they are mounted.

Allow natural light in

Natural light helps to brighten up a room, so allow it to enter throughout the day. Keep your curtains airy, and apply light colors to the walls. Keep away from stark whites and pick a subtle shade of blue, grey, taupe, or lilac. Stay with that one tone when purchasing sofas, carpet, curtaining, cushions, and light fittings, and use the reflections and shadows to create focal points of interest in the room. Don’t be afraid of throwing in some subtle or even bold patterns here and there for effect. Mirrors are the best way to enhance natural light if your windows are small.

Bring in natural elements

Besides allowing natural light into your home, green plants are another natural element that will enhance a small space. There are two ways to display plants in a small space, either placed on the floor or by hanging them from the ceiling. Hanging plants can give the room an illusion of height. In small spaces, floor plants can make cleaning awkward, but you can place them on a stand with wheels so you can move them around as needed.

Implement these clever ideas and make your small home appear bigger and brighter.