It was now Clayton EchardFace the music.

After a rollercoaster of a season, filled with tumultuous drama and enough tears to fill a small body of water, the Bachelor and the women he sent home packing came face-to-face again for the They Say All About Women special. 

It wasn’t an easy evening for Clayton, who had to answer questions about his behavior and decision-making throughout the season.

It was more than just a chance to face Shanae, the true lightning rod of this season!

There is probably no one in the contestant list. BachelorHistory has sparked more discussion or controversy than Sycamore’s 29-year old from Ohio. 

Shanae was confronted over her strange antics, messy ways and total addiction to being evil. Unsurprisingly, Shanae did not apologize to those who were expecting her. 

Hosted by Jesse PalmerThe They Say All About WomenEvery member of Bachelor Nation knows that special night is the most exciting.

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