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Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Review

The customer wrote that she didn’t understand why they were writing this review. She wanted everyone to see how great this product was. Over the years, I have tried many different creams to decrease my puffiness under my eyes. Surgery was even an option. It is amazing that this product actually works. It’s amazing.”

One said it was “Amazing!” It was so amazing that my mother brought it over to me and she used it for herself! It works so well, we are still stunned!

A stunned customer said, “Couldn’t believe it actually worked!” Not fine lines, but deep wrinkles. These were reduced and my puffiness under my eyes has disappeared.”

One person raved about the cream, saying “I love everything!” Instant results with a youthful result. All my family members and friends should try it.

One person stated that the product had changed their lives and saved them at least 10 more years. This product appears to also be effective in removing the malar and bags that were left behind after an unfortunate bilateral upper-eye blepharoplasty.

“I’ve had terrible bags under my eyes for many years. No concealer could even fix it. The results have been amazing! I’ve used your product for years and love them. A Peter Thomas Roth fan shared that this is the only product that has helped with my bags.

One reviewer said, “This product was close to perfect.” Hubby and me have our individual products. We don’t share. You feel 10 times younger! I love it!

One shopper said, “I’ve had bags under my eyes since I was a teenager and have tried many different products.” Friends have complimented me on how much I look younger. It’s amazing – it lasts for all day and with a very small amount!