It’s a road trip Zoe Saldaña will never forget. 

It’s almost been two decades since then. CrossroadsBut even though she was on the big screen, the actress has good memories from her time with them. Britney Spears, Taryn Manning and the entire cast. And as the movie prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary on Feb. 15, Zoe is looking back on the unique experience. 

“I was just so excited to be doing a movie like that about three friends,” Zoe exclusively shared with CelebHomes News. I’m one in three sisters, and we are best buddies. Anything to do with female bonding, sisterhood…I’m consumed by emotion immediately. I get it. It is easy for me. It’s what I long for. “I’m constantly looking for it.”

Zoe stated that it was an exciting experience to collaborate with writers Shonda Rhimes on the project and that filming alongside Britney was a treat.

Britney Spears was the most popular artist at the time, and she was her coworker. And she was always sweet and kind. That is still what she is. She is, I have no doubt. It’s amazing that she is taking responsibility for her actions. It’s amazing.”