From falling in Love to… Well, Falling. 

ZendayaThe security personnel caught me slipping as I was walking up the stairs of Rome. Zendaya made memes quicker than the internet.

It Euphoria star posted photos to her Instagram story on Monday, Feb, 21, showing her mid-tumble and captioned it, “I can’t stop laughing… did they really have to take a video of me tripping.”

She was filmed stumbling on some slippery cement, reaching for the people around her to help her out. While it looks like she recovered without injury, the photos caught her at the perfect moment.

Zendaya laughed while saying “They got my” in an Instagram video. They got me!

She cracked up as she viewed the photos, zooming in to see her face and shedding tears of laughter. She said, “I’m still crying.”

According to Page Six, before she hit the streets, she had been heading towards Eitch Borromini, where she would be having lunch. Zendaya was dressed in a black dress, pumps and a matching Black KN95 mask.