Zach RoloffAnd Tori RoloffThe’s openly discuss their baby’s diagnosis weeks after it happened.

Interview with Us WeeklyPublication May 25, stars Little People, Big WorldWho is it that you welcome? JosiahLate April saw him share that he was suffering from a condition called achondroplasia. But as the couple noted, his achondroplasia doesn’t define him. Zach explained to the outlet that he is “a boy with osteoplasia”. It’s not his identity.

Johns Hopkins Medicine states that achondroplasia can cause a reduction in height. The organization notes that the average adult height of people suffering from achondroplasia ranges between 42 inches and 56 inches. 

As Zach and Tori shared, several of their family members—including their kids Jackson Roloff5. Lilah RoloffHis mom and he, 2 years old Amy Roloff—have achondroplasia. Zach’s dad, Matt RoloffDiastrophic dysplasia is a condition that affects the eyes.

Tori stated that “we have many resources” and “there are a lot parents out there without the same level of confidence as Zach and me.” TLC’s stars also noted that they plan to keep using their platform as advocates for people living with achondroplasia.