Although we are called locas, our pronouncing skills have always been impressive Taylor LautnerAll these years, he has been wrong about his name. 

And by all these years, we mean literally since he first starred as shy and adorable Jacob in Twilight in 2008 (or, if you’re a real O.G. fan, since he played our childhood crush, Sharkboy, and appeared in Cheaper per Dozen as Eliot Murtaugh). 

While speaking to CelebHomes News on Feb. 3 to promote his latest partnership with Courtyard by Marriott, Taylor introduced himself by his full name, revealing the first syllable of his last name actually rhymes with “out” and not “lot.” That would be him Mr. Taylor LowtNer instead of LotNer.

During his chat, Taylor also gave his ThoughtsThe latest Gen Z trends. CelebHomes News was informed by the actor at 29 years old, that “even though you tried to cancel the side parts, I support the middle part.” That one should not be lost. You can keep that middle section for me. Kendall Jenner.” He joked, adding, “Yeah. That is Jacob Black’s message.”