Youtuber Tess ChristineShe hopes to share her journey with others and help them understand breast cancer.

On April 21st, the 30-year-old social media celebrity announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In January—after she, her husband Patrick and their 10-month-old son Theo returned home to New York from a visit to Minnesota—Tess found a lump in her left breast. Initially, she “didn’t really think anything of it,” she said, assuming it was a clogged milk duct or change in her body from starting to wean from breastfeeding.

However, the lump didn’t disappear. Tess was awoken by throbbing pain in her left breast during the first part of her menstrual cycle. She decided to visit the clinic for further examination. 

Although her primary doctor believed the lump to be a cyst she still felt the gut-wrenching sensation that something was not right. The vlogger also shared her 23.2 million subscribers with the message. “And I just kept worrying about the worst.” Perhaps it was the fact that I had Theo. I thought I couldn’t get cancer. “I have a new baby that needs me.