Wittek broke down his issue with Vlog Squad’s member into three key points. “The fact that he is a scumbag friend, a fake friend, now that the documentary is over doesn’t give a f–k, doesn’t text me, doesn’t check in,” he said. “The other reason: him saying now, flipping the script, saying, ‘Oh, it was f–kin Jeff’s idea. He’s crazy.’ “Complete bulls–t.”  

Later, Wittek said that Dobrik agreed to pay one of his hospital bills and then didn’t. Our agreement only covered hospital bills. “I don’t really care about any other thing. Wittek explained that he’s not coming after me for lost wages or money from being unable to work. “They didn’t pay a f–king bill, I got an infraction on my credit now. “I go to buy a house, but I cannot get a loan.” 

For those that think I’m trolling on Instagram or I’m crazy, truthfully I could give an f—k.” He stated, “because it is the best feeling in a while getting this s— off my chest. It’s good to get rid of bad people in your life.