David DobrikAnd Jeff WittekOfficially, the legal status of the “falling out” has been established.
CelebHomes News obtained court papers from Wittek on June 23. They claim that Wittek sued Dobrik to recover $10 million for “general negligence” and “intentional tort” in connection to a June 2020 near-fatal accident.
In the complaint filed in Los Angeles, Calif., Wittek, 32, said that due to the actions of Dobrik, 25, he has suffered from “wage loss, hospital and medical expenses, and loss of earning capacity.”
Wittek’s 2021 YouTube series, You shouldn’t try this at home, the YouTuber shared details behind the incident that he said caused damage to both his face and skull. 
Wittek explained that he was making a humorous video while in Utah with other vloggers. He said that one time, Wittek and his group decided to put an excavator in a lake to swing people from a rope. Wittek stated that Dobrik was sitting in the excavator’s driver seat when it was his turn.