YouTube star and YouTubers are being mourned by their fans.

Lil Bo Weep died on March 3, her father, Matthew Schofield, confirmed on Facebook.

The father wrote that “This weekend was the end of our fight against my daughter’s depression, trauma and drug addiction. We have been fighting for her life since we brought her home from America via emergency repatriation (DFAT) but she is still broken.”

It is not known what caused the death.

According to Matthew’s post, the Australian “CODEPENDENCY” singer “fought hard against her demons as we all did side by side next to her and picking up the broken pieces over and over again but she could not fight any more and we lost her.”

Lil Bo Weep was actually her real name. Winona Brooks, started sharing the music she produced onto SoundCloud in 2015 and had since amassed more than 36,000 followers. Her last post was a minute-and-a-half-long song titled “PTSD.”