This is almost the end of the dystopian party in slumber. WildWe are so excited.

Prime Video revealed that Season 2 of its series “The Second Season” was available on February 22, 2012.Wilds will premiere on May 6. The streamer released the first images of male castaways who will join the girls while they are trapped in a strange land. 

The second season of this young adult thriller stars starring Sophia Ali, Shannon BerryAnd Jenna Clause “will continue to follow the harrowing ordeal of a group of teenage girls stranded on a deserted island, and they didn’t end up there by accident—they’ve secretly been recruited into an elaborate social experiment,” the series’ description reads.

Fans of the show will recall that the all-female season one finale revealed that the girls were not the only ones being studied. The description says, “There is a new set subject,” and continues: “An island of teenage boys must fight for survival, under the watchful eyes of the puppet master.”