While Commander Waterford might be dead, he is still with us. It is notnot be forgotten.

Season five: First Look Photos The Handmaid’s Tale show that the deceased commander (Joseph FiennesAfter his death last season, ), is still a significant part of the story. June is the most prominent example.Elisabeth MossIn one shot, you can see a closeup of Virgil (the commander who raped repeatedly throughout the dystopian drama). We’re guessing that orchestrating his death didn’t provide the closure June was hoping for.

Hulu has teased the following description of the show: “June will be punished for murdering Commander Waterford, while she tries to redefine her identity, purpose, and character.”

What about Waterford’s spouse? SerenaYvonne Strahovski) is spotted in full funeral attire, looking less than heartbroken. Hulu reports that the widow, who lost her husband in the same year, is now trying to make a comeback in Toronto.