How did you choose to audition for Finding Magic Mike: “Funny story. While I was working in the men’s bedroom, my roommate generously gave me the link. As my legs numbed, I jokedly sat down and applied for what would change my entire life. Even though it was only a joke to me, a part of me thought that I had applied for a contest that was perfect for my personality. “I had everything I needed to be successful in this field: humor, stripping, and a talking stomach.”

What does dancing mean to you?:“Before the show, my only outlet was dancing. Even though I am not a professional, just a few twirls here and there helped me to get through my most difficult days. Playing your favourite song is an especially liberating experience. To me dancing is bliss. “Dance and all that your body can do with movement is dancing.”

Is there a secret talent you possess?:“I am ridiculously talented at…” Dance Dance Revolution. This is a sad fact.