Nur Murders are allowed in the BuildingIs ready to make the city the new talk of town.

Hulu’s first trailer has been released for Hulu’s second season of comedy, which will be available on March 27th. The trailer is a continuation of the teaser video. Nur Murders are allowed in the BuildingNext installment promises to be just as captivating as the previous.

The new season picks up where the last left off, with Charles (Steve MartinOliverMartin ShortMabel (Selena Gomez) wrongly implicated in the murder of Arconia Board President Bunny Folger (Jayne Houdyshell). The true-crime trio must continue the show, however, because a rival podcast has begun production. And they also wish to reveal the identity of the killer.

Oliver said, “We have been warned not speak out,” before Mabel added: “But here we at Nur Murders are allowed in the BuildingWe won’t be moving quietly”

A teaser gave us a peek at the future. OMITBFor newcomers Cara Delevingne Amy Schumer (who guest stars as herself à la StingSeason one.