Be assured that an old friend will be there!

High School MusicalVeteran Corbin Bleu—who played Chad in the original film trilogy—returns to season three for a special cameo. Corbin showed a sneak peek of the new season and said that Camp Shallow Lake would produce a Disney classic.

Corbin says, “You guys are going be the very first camp in the world to premier a blockbuster global,” Corbin said. Does anyone own a jacket?” It was suddenly cold here. It’s going to be a cold night. Frozen!”

The “Let It Go!” songs can now begin

“A fresh season in a different environment will bring new drama. I cannot wait to watch the Wildcats go head-tohead with Shallow Lake campers Jet and Maddox. HSM:TM:TSExecutive Producer Tim FederleCelebHomes News: “It’s a season full of songs—and second chances—under the stars!”

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