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The StaircaseThis book is inspired by the true-life story, “The Author”. Michael PetersonHis wife’s suspicious death KathleenA new trailer, which was released on April 21, promises to show a chilling dramatization.

When Peterson is seen in the trailer, he’s played by Colin FirthKathleen is murdered by a man named???? Toni ColletteHe calls it “a witch hunting” and his family, North Carolina’s hometown try to understand what happened. Kathleen was discovered at the bottom step of the staircase inside the family home in 2001.

Peterson of Firth does his best to ensure that his five children are happy.

In the trailer, he states that he believes there are not many similar families. Although we aren’t perfect, our family sticks together. “And we love each others.”

Sophie TurnerPeterson’s daughter, played by. MargaretShe urges her family to support their dad. She said, “Dad was there for me always.” You can’t stop questioning everything. “Stop questioning everything.

Also, the series examines the passing of Elizabeth RatliffPeterson’s first spouse, whose body was found at the base of a staircase in 1985. Peterson never faced any formal charges in the death of her first wife.