Dwayne JohnsonIs making his way in the ring Young Rock.

CelebHomes News offers a sneak preview of the April 12th episode. It features college-age Dewey, otherwise known as Rock.Uli LatukefuHe accepted his fate in the NFL and now focuses on his career as a wrestler.

With help from his father, Rocky Johnson (Joseph Lee AndersonDewey starts a rigorous training program while learning the basics of the sport. Rocky gives his son a string to help him defeat his opponent.

“Punch as close as you can without moving the string,” Rocky instructs him. You get fired if you break the string’s nose and get your sex all over you.

Ata Johnson, Dewey’s mother (Stacey Leilua), nervously watching from the sidelines, he begins—but it’s not long before Ata’s telling him to shape up. Dewey, your punches are too hard! She yells. “Angle you stance.”