“We’ve always been passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable tourism,” noted Wallington. It’s important for us because we love our planet and the endless opportunities it offers. Therefore, we are committed to doing what we can to preserve this beautiful planet while also continuing to enjoy its natural wonders.

Days in, the couple, who got engaged after crossing the finish line back in 2018, were already raving about spying many of the archipelago’s natural wildlife. Jardell said, “We have been able see sea lions wherever we go, land & marine iguanas red-and blue-footed bobies and many other species.” Jardell said that he had been attracted to this spot for a long time. “It is a dream to be able to see the beauty in real life,” he added. It’s difficult to describe and no photo can capture it fully. 

They tried. The newlyweds shared their favourite snaps of the nine-day trip with CelebHomes News.