A new body. Botched appearance.

It is the only and absolute Justin Jedlica, AKA the Human Ken Doll, made his return to the CelebHomes series on the Feb. 22 episode, reuniting with Drs. Paul Nassif Terry Dubrow not to ask for their help with a plastic surgery gone wrong, but to brag about one gone Right.

Justin stated at the beginning tonight’s episode that he was back “to show off to doctors my eight-piece Leg Implant Surgery.” “This was the final virgin part of my body I could give up.”

ItBotchedBecause he wanted to shape his legs, his doctors knew eight months before that he had been advised not to. However, in spite of this—along with the fact that Dr. Dubrow referred to the potential procedure as “next level risk”—Justin went ahead with the surgery. 

He was delighted to report that it was a huge success. He said, “Even though they said I could not, I won!”