If you looked at Joe Alwyn‘s Conversations With Friends, you’d see a group chat titled “The Tortured Man Club.”

Joe uses this name. Paul MescalAfter Joe’s casting in the next, a mutual friend of’s chose to create a WhatsApp group for them. Sally Rooney series. Joe erzählt GQ that the moniker is “a reflection on Connell and Nick,” the actors’ respective characters in Normal people  Conversations with friends

The actors portray complex characters.deed, the actors portray some truly complicated characters. In Conversations with FriendsNick is married to Paul, and they fall in love. Paul struggles with communication which often jeopardizes their relationship. Daisy Edgar-Jones‘ Marianne. 

But Joe said Paul isn’t as tortured as his Normal people character, Connell, calling him a “lovely guy.”

The two actors eventually met in real life while filming Conversations with Friends in Dublin, the gloomy backdrop for a majority of Sally’s novels.