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Netflix’s new hit series, Season 2, has been something we have eagerly awaited. Bridgerton Since the Season 1 final episode, we have been watching. You couldn’t look away at your television screen from all the family drama, the romance mishaps and the extravagant formal events. The plot and dialogue are all captivating, as well as the stunning visuals. It’s a show of sophistication in hairstyles, makeup and costumes.

What person wouldn’t love to have that kind of glamour in their life? No wonder Reese Witherspoon Tochter Ava PhillippeSigned up to become the Pat McGrath Labs x face Bridgerton makeup collaboration. The collection features highlighters, blushes and eyeshadows that suit every skin tone. The Duke of Hastings might say that we have “burned for” this collection ….. We are looking forward to a second release.