Sean PennHe underwent an incredible transformation to play the role of a Starz limited series star in the future. Gaslit.

In fact, you’d hardly be able to tell that the actor who once played Spicoli is the same person underneath the prosthetics and bald cap in Starz’s Gaslit. In the series, Penn portrays former U.S. Attorney General John MitchellThis is a close friend and trusted adviser to the President Richard NixonDuring the Watergate scandal.

Gaslit viewers will see how Mitchell and his wife, Martha MitchellPlayed by Julia Roberts, influenced the political scandal, as well as the 37th president’s resignation. 

The moment attorney is arrested was captured in a trailer that was released on March 16. John Dean (Dan Stevens) told Mitchell that Watergate was going to be front-page news, to which the attorney general said, “The next 48 hours are going to be crucial.”

But it seems that John Dean was more concerned about Martha, saying, “I don’t know how to put this—we’re wondering what you’re going to do about your wife?”

Turns out, Martha had a reputation for being “completely insane,” “loudmouthed” and “unreliable,” according to various people. But the opinions of others didn’t bother Martha, who declares in the show: “I will say how I feel and if that gets me banned from Air Force One, then I will fly commercial.”