Teddi Wright is putting the “tell” in The Women Say It All!

A sneak peak of the March 7th issue The Bachelor: All is revealed by womenSpecial, the 24-year-old nurse in surgery reveals host Jesse PalmerThis is how you treat someone. Thank youClose to Bachelor Clayton EchardI reached out. Although Teddi hesitates to share the name of the person who contacted her via social media, she finally revealed that Clayton was his brother.

She shares her thoughts with the crowd, “I didn’t reply.” “I’ll say that I believe one Echard boy was sufficient for me in my life.”

Jesse chuckles and adds: “Maybe I just met the wrong bro, I don’t know.”

The question is still open: Did it? NateOder Patrick EchardTeddi was contacted by who? It is up to curious minds to find out.

How does Clayton feel about all this? We doubt he’s really too upset, as he sent Teddi home ahead of hometowns and has leaned on his family during his dramatic season.