During the German occupation of the Netherlands, Hepburn danced to raise money for the Dutch resistance efforts and reportedly helped the Allied soldiers by supplying them with food and volunteering at the hospitals, though the extent of her efforts are unknown.

Following the war, Hepburn and her family relocated to Amsterdam, where she took dance classes while also maintaining a job as a cook and housekeeper to support her family. She eventually moved to London in order to pursue a career as an actor and dancer. 

It wasn’t until 1953 that Princess Ann was played by Hepburn. Roman HolidayShe was acclaimed for her role as the Princess of Denmark, which earned her an Academy Award nomination, a Golden Globe Award nomination, and a BAFTA. Her roles in movies such as “The Princess Diaries” and “Roma,” were her most recognizable. Breakfast at Tiffany’sSabrinaMy Fair LadyAnd Funny Face