This Outlander fun fact will have you saying “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”

Have a conversation with Square Mile, OutlanderStar Sam HeughanInterviewed by a close friend Tom Ellis. However, during the Q&A, Ellis, who is best known for playing the titular role in Lucifer, revealed that he was almost Heughan’s co-star.

He said, “I’m going let you in on a little secret.” He said, “I auditioned.” OutlanderJamie Fraser is not the one, but you. Tobias Menzies‘ part, ‘Black Jack’ Randall.”

That means if Ellis landed the part, he would’ve been Heughan’s character’s biggest on-screen rival. Black Jack, Claire’s descendant, was the villainous Captain that terrorized Claire & Jamie for three consecutive seasons. Season one was the famous period drama in which he brutally raped Jamie.

So it isn’t surprising that Heughan had Be veryThe reaction was unexpected. “First, dude. I don’t think how I would have felt having you. I don’t even know. Assault me, shall we?”