Law & Order It has been a catalyst for some of Hollywood’s most famous stars.

No, these are not long-time stars of the hit NBC drama crime series like Anthony Anderson, Sam WatersonOr Benjamin Bratt. You won’t believe some of the TV and film actors who have appeared on the procedural over the past few decades before becoming household names.

You may not have known that she won Emmys, and was starring in the most popular television series. Sarah Paulson landed her very first acting role in 1994 playing a teen who claimed that she was having an affair with her murdered mother’s new husband? It was almost two decades ago that she had her first acting role. Tommy LeeHulu’s latest hit Pam & Tommy, a young Sebastian Stan portrayed a boy abducted and raised by his abuser.

The A-listers include Julia Roberts, Ellen Pompeo, Samuel L. Jackson Jennifer Garner have also appeared on Law & OrderEarly in their blockbuster careers.