Kingpin isn’t going to be too happy about this.

This is it. These super heroes are making progress. CelebHomes News received confirmation from Netflix that the superheroes are moving on Feb. 11. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Defenders, Iron Fist The Punisher will be leaving the streamer on Feb. 28. The same day, they labeled the titles with a sash that read, “This show is available until March 1st.” 

Although there are no details as to where the fan favorite will be located, Disney has now been granted licensing rights for the Marvel Universe titles. 

Marvel fan? Rightfully, they’re panicking.

“The netflix marvel shows leaving at the end of the month…they better be put on disney+ asap,” one user wrote on Twitter. Another fan added“I cannot believe it! The Marvel TV series are going on Netflix. It’s so sad.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.