We would like to greet the Netflix director who is now our favorite.

This is right! Season 4 of The Walking Dead will have a director who’s a truly special individual. It is possible toJoe Goldberg, Penn Badgley. Showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed the news by sharing a snap of Penn wearing headphones while overseeing a scene play-out on set.

Sera said, “We have hired a new Director this season but, he seems like he knows the show really, really well.”

Penn’s stars were quick to celebrate the news with It is possible toNewcomer Lukas Gage commenting, “A natural!” Favorite season 2 Jenna Ortega writing, “You’re kidding!!! So so cool.”

James ScullyIn the second season’s episode, Penn’s rival Forty was played by a different actor, titled “Wow wow wow”: He couldn’t be more dreamy.

That can be repeated!

Penn has made a complete circle, and he is grateful for the support he gets from his directors. It is possible to. Penn specifically revealed this on his PodcrushedPodcast that he has been told to make masturbation scenes more creepy. I’m like, ‘What? The man in question is an f-king murderer and has been masturbating outside. So you’re saying, “I’m making it creepy?” “How is that possible?