Watch out! Kris JennerYour refrigerator and freezer might be too attractive for you. Chill.

On May 12, the Kardashians matriarch allowed her daughter Kourtney Kardashian‘s brand Poosh to take an extensive tour of her kitchen, which included extravagant, matte black appliances and the many delicious—and healthy!—treats located within them. Yes, there’s even an ice cream freezer!

Kris’s kitchen has one freezer and two refrigerators that have been stocked perfectly.

She seems to have a variety of beverages in her fridge so she can be prepared for every occasion. Quick catch-up with friends Kris can make any type of coffee creamer to meet your dietary needs. Is it time for celebration? Champagne is already chilled.  

She has design envy for her second fridge. It is reallyIt kicks into full throttle

Kris lives a healthy life with this appliance’s large feature window Literally On display is a wall full of fresh green vegetables, neatly placed next to one another.