Joe Goldberg’s two words would be enough to stop us from moving forward in real life. Hello, you.
For some lucky Netflix fans, the good news is that there are still some episodes left. You. Penn Badgley said just that—and Way more—while providing narration as his devious character on a series of TikTok videos. Netflix shared two distinct clips as part their #narratemejoe Campaign. Penn (as Joe), provided a plethora of creepy details to their TikTok account.
Penn shared the story of one fan, named Penn, in a video posted Oct. 27. KaseyShe browsed through the comic section in a bookstore, with a man wearing a baseball hat following close behind.

“Hello you,” he began the clip. “Oh, the Manga portion? Ok. You have my attention. Beaststars? No, not you. You prefer to find your black-and-gray morality elsewhere. You look at each volume carefully. You’re specific. I can see that ‘cause I’m like three feet away from you.”