It is interesting to wonder what Jon Snow might think. Kit Harington‘s freshly shaved face.

The actor is known for sporting a mustache and beard, so fans were surprised when he appeared sans facial hair at the New York premiere of Wife to a Time TravelerOn May 11, Harington went to the event along with his wife. Game of ThronesAlum Rose LeslieStarring in the HBO’s new adaptation is Audrey Niffenegger‘s novel.

Harington is not the first to embrace a naked visage. In fact, he’s gone beardless a few times over the years, including in 2019 when he hosted Saturday Night LiveAnd he joked: “This is more like a type of prepubescent Jon Snow.” 

His whiskers don’t make people bend their knees. Harington’s long locks are often what make fans fall in love with him. Harington once shared his intimate details. GOTContract required that he keep the document for an extended period of time. “It is not possible to reduce it,” he said. Kelly Ripa on LIVE2014 This was in 2014. I was determined to trim it. It was long. I have had it for years. They were like “No, no. No. That won’t happen.”