You Have To See How Mariah Carey Kicked Off the Holiday Season

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Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey is already defrosting the icicles from her throne.
It is, after all, the best thing about it Is November 1, meaning it’s officially the start of the most wonderful time of the year. Mariah has been undoubtedly the leader of the holiday season since “All I Want for christmas” was released. 27 years ago. She is clearing out the fright festivity to make way for the yuletide spirit this year.
She posted a video to Instagram as Halloween approached its end, with the caption “Ready?” Let’s go. Mariah is seen holding three pumpkins that say “it’s no time” in the video. But it is. So the superstar smashes “not”, while “All I Want For Christmas” begins to play.

As for what she wore for the demolition? Mariah style, she wore a full length, shimmering cherry red gown with matching heels. For the perfect finishing touch, her bat was wrapped in red-and white holiday stripes paper.