Please have mercy The Full House fans.

After eight wildly successful seasons of TGIF, ABC pulled the plug on the show. They blamed the dramatic rise in production costs for the cancellation. However, ratings have been quite solid. A staggering 24 million people watched the finale. This was in a series of two episodes in which Michelle Tanner (played by twins) is featured. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) temporarily lost her memory, when it aired on May 23, 1995.

And in those two-and-a-half decades, our obsession withAnd affection for the ultimate symbol of the ’90s has endured. The series has been remade in five seasons. Fuller House, that wrapped up over the summer on Netflix. We’ve never been able to stop watching one single star (cough). Lori Loughlin cough) got caught up with the Feds.

It’s the reason we didn’t listen when the Olsen Twins repeatedly told us they weren’t interested in returning to a role in which they have been cast before even having cognitive function. (You just know there were fans out there holding onto to some semblance of hope that there was still a surprise cameo in store when the Fuller House finale.)