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If you’ve ever wanted to try-on or experience a Revolve piece in-person before fully committing to buying it, now is your chance. The Social Club, an online retailer of fashion clothing, is located in Los Angeles. It allows shoppers to try-on and experience the styles in person. You can shop and have beauty and fitness services provided on the second level.

If you love Revolve, you’ve probably seen your favorite influencers or celebrities at Revolve’s events in the aesthetically-pleasing Social Club space in West Hollywood. Kendall Jenner was even there to sample the 818 cocktails at these events. Kendall, the Revolve Group’s Creative director of FWRD (which is Kendall’s support group), was no surprise. However, the social club does not only cater to influencers and celebrities. Revolve can be purchased in-person by anyone. 

Los Angeles residents should not miss Revolve’s Social Club to get access to exclusive offers, events and shopping in person. Let’s hope we meet our favorite celebrity and influencer. You can also shop online at the Social Club if your location is not listed.