But this was not the end of it. The GodfatherThe series’ history will be revealed. Dan FoglerWho is the player? GodfatherDirector Francis Ford CoppolaGallo was joined by him at the CelebHomes News Interview. Gallo highlighted that Coppola as well as Puzo had worked together on the script.

“I have seen behind-the scenes footage of it.” The Godfather,” Fogler shared. There’s lots of references to this throughout the series. This is why you see us working together so much.

Fogler called those collaboration scenes between Coppola and Puzo some of his favorite moments in the entire series.

Get the Deal does heighten this collaboration, however, having the director and writer hole up in a Los Angeles-based home to finish the script. Actually, Puzo sent drafts to Coppola who was located in the San Francisco region, and vice versa.