Sydney Sweeney Her acting career is not in jeopardy, she’s just trying to keep it going. It isYou can reveal a hidden talent. 

You can call it a side job or hobby but you will find the following: Euphoria actress has been sharing her journey fixing up her “dream car”—a 1969 Ford Bronco—with 650,000 fans on TikTok. 

Over the past year, Sydney has been fixing up the vintage vehicle and bringing followers along for the ride on her side account @syds_garage.

MTV recently reported that she said, “It was also really fun at the beginning when a lot people commented on, ‘Wait! She looks like that girl from. Euphoria.’ “

Sydney, 24, has made a lot of progress since then, sharing in October that the car officially runs. After a lot of bumps with the transmission she finally found the correct valve. Let’s get to the good stuff, interior!

On Jan. 14, she updated her status by announcing that the car “finally drivesable.” She said, “Sending her off to get it reupholstered this Saturday.”