Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry.

Apple TV+, which was launched on Feb. 22nd, announced its existence Emmy Rossum will star alongside Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried in the streamer’s upcoming anthology series, The Crowded Room. As previously announced, Holland will star in the lead role as Danny, now, Rossum will play Candy, Danny’s mother, who “through their struggles in life, she dreams of salvation in the form of someone else,” according to her character’s description.

When fans discovered that the actress, 35 years old, would play the role of the actor’s mom at 25, the Internet was a strong force. hilariousReactions to the casting news.

One user said on Twitter. “Emmy Rossum is playing Tom Holland’s….. mother? OK,” Another user added.

“Emmy Rossum at 35 is the same age as *checks notes* Michael B. Jordan, Robert Pattinson, Evan Peters  Penn Badgley who are in turn 10 years older than the 25 year old Tom Holland and she is playing his MOTHER,” @mavericksmovies saidThis helps to put it all in perspective.