Yellowstone is a TV juggernaut, but is there room for more to make a home on the range?

Although imitation may be the most flattering form of flattery according to some, it is not true for all. Taylor SheridanIt’s not so certain. It was created by YellowstoneParamount Network’s western staring. Kevin CostnerAfter the popularity of The West Wing, he isn’t always humbled. 

“I’m not sure that flattering is what they do, but I’m not convinced.” YellowstoneSheridan said that it was good Variety. They do it because it’s watched by 15 million people. And they’re like, ‘A lot of people watch westerns. “Let’s create westerns.

Sheridan isn’t exaggerating when he says that there are 15 million people. According to DeadlineParamount and CMT combined drew 10.3 Million viewers to the finale of January’s season 4. Yellowstone became the highest-rated series of 2021 across all networks in the coveted 18-49 and 25-54 demos. Refer to the March Season Finale of The Bachelor garnered 4.4 million viewers. 

Simply put, a lot of people are looking. Yellowstone. Therefore, it is understandable that other networks want to capitalize.