Juliette shared that she experienced this same pressure. However, it led her to rebel against everything she was being told. She remembered crying in the bathroom during photoshoots because she didn’t want to do what people expected of her. She said, “They want doe-eyed faces.” “It’s clear what I did in photographs, so that’s why I always looked slightly insane. Which I preferred over saying, ‘Does anyone want to f—k me?’

Melanie, meanwhile, found comfort in being relegated to smaller roles because it meant that she faced less criticism than her co-stars. It was a moment she will always remember. Piper PeraboYour friend is Coyote HairyPiper was a cool, intelligent woman who was subject to a lot of scrutiny. People were talking about Piper’s body and her appearance. They also focused on her food. The girls all had to adhere to this program. This was absurd.”

Melanie didn’t feel any shame about the way she appeared. This is The CandyStar claimed that despite her being a size 4, she received feedback that her skin needed to be contoured and Spanx fitted. “Just the feedback was constantly like, ‘You’re not beautiful,'” Melanie said. In your 20s, beauty and how others respond to you are the most important aspects. Do people like to be f–ked?