All good things must come to an end…or do they?

The Fast & FuriousWith its next 10th installment due to be released in 2013, the franchise is nearing the end. Long-time stars, it’s time to say goodbye. LudacrisThe franchise was asked if it should continue to pursue spin-offs. Hobbs & Shaw.

CelebHomes News exclusive: “It all depends,” said he. Daily PopOn July 15, “When they are done correctly, it’s key.”

He said, “This is the only franchise that’s based on human beings, and it is in that top 10 grossing films of all times, since everything else are superheroes or things of this nature.”

This 44-year old first appeared in Tej Parker’s 2003 sequel Fast and Furious, and later returned for Fast Five2011 He has starred in every subsequent film since, including the most recent flick F9, which premiered in 2021.

He said that he felt “blessed beyond belief” about his participation in the series. “I feel very, very fortunate that we have made it this far.”