Coffee dates are always in style.

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn CelebHomes News photos show that they were seen sipping iced coffee as they walked through London’s parks on July 14. To see the performance, “All Too Well”, singer Conversations with FriendsThe actor kept his look casual, but stylish in sneakers and baseball caps.

This park trip comes just months after Joe denied rumors that Joe and Taylor were engaged. What was his response? Joe said that his lips will remain closed in any way he chooses.

He said, “It’s the truth, the truth is that if it was yes, then I wouldn’t say.” In an interview in April with CBC, WSJ. Magazine“And if it was not, then I would not say.”

The rumors should not come as a surprise. Since their 2016 start, they have been in a very private relationship. In that same interview, Joe explained why he wishes to keep his private life low-key—including his high-profile relationship—out of the spotlight.