There are always faults in marriage. What happens to a spouse accused of rape or domestic violence?

David E. Kelley explores that question in the new Netflix show Anatomy of a ScandalStarring Sienna Miller, Michelle DockeryRupert FriendAnd Naomi Scott. The streaming service described the series as a “psychological thriller” and “gripping courtroom drama.” It follows U.K. minister James Whitehouse and Sophie Miller as they try to face accusations of rape, infidelity and other allegations.

James denied raping Olivia Lytton Scott (Scott) but admitted to an affair. James claims that it meant nothing. James insists that it was “sex only.”

Sophie, however, isn’t convinced by her husband. She replies “Nothing’s just sexual sex.”

Dockery plays the tough as nails Barrister Kate Woodcroft, who is determined to get to the truth in front of a judge—a situation that will affect more than just the Whitehouse marriage, with Netflix noting it affects the U.K. government and even Kate’s “own personal esteem.”