While we love the idea of the crossover, it may be disappointing in the end. 

The Station 19-Grey’s Anatomy Crossover, which airs Thursday, November 11, is a scene in which an explosion strikes Seattle. The trailer suggests that someone does not make it out alive. Scenes of fire in homes and firefighters racing down steps to assist people fleeing are all part of the story. Station 19 episode, “Things We Lost in the Fire,” starring Jaina Lee Ortiz Jason GeorgeAnd Boris Kodjoe, looks like a tearjerker. The preview shows firefighters as they react to the explosion and rush to clear homes, unaware that it will changes their lives forever.

Meanwhile, the Grey’s Anatomy portion of the crossover, “Bottle Up and Explode!,” the Grey Sloan doctors rush to help with the incoming trauma, and Owen (Kevin McKiddAfter hearing the blast, ) suffers from PTSD.