The Golden State Warriors had a new player out on the court ahead of the team’s March 8 game against the Los Angeles Clippers, and he was…Jackie Moon?

It’s kind of. Will FerrellDressed up in the role of his 2008 movie character Semi-ProThe actor joined the Warriors during a warmup at San Francisco’s Chase Center. He was wearing his Flint Tropics Uniform. practiced guarding Klay ThompsonFree throws, Moon’s subhand “granny-style” Stephen CurryEven better! sank the ball from half court at the Chase Center.

How did the Warriors recruit Moon Ferrell, or, rather, Ferrell? Coach Steve KerrIt all happened during a press conference after the game.

Kerr revealed to reporters that he had emailed him a few weeks back and I was skeptical of his claims,” Kerr stated in the video. NBC Sports Bay Area. We exchanged emails, and then we concocted our plan. 

Kerr noted Ferrell is a “huge Klay Thompson fan, and he knows how much Klay loves dressing up as Jackie Moon”—which the shooting guard did for Halloween a few years back.