Of course, Adlon wasn’t the only one open to the idea of reviving Things that are better down-the-line, as her on-screen children Mikey Madison, Hannah AlligoodAnd Olivia EdwardEdward expressed her interest in a continuation of the project. CelebHomes was informed by Edward that her character Duke is still with Edward, and she would be open to a new reboot.

Alligood felt similarly, noting that a Get Better EverythingThe movie could be “very cool.” Madison continued to suggest that the reboot could be picked up “10-20 years later,” and added, “I think it would be great.”

The actresses were open to working with Adlon again, so this is not unexpected. Madison, who recently made a splash with her villainous role in Scream 5She said that she had “learned lots about creativity” through her. Things that are better boss.

Madison said, “She made it all happen.” Madison continued, “And she made it happen exactly how she wanted. That’s very admirable.”